Voice narration

Voice narration is now live!

Ever since Unalike started, there was always one part that was important. Accessibility. Not just web accessibility, but also accessibility in the way content is consumed. Giving people a better way to read, listen, and watch. This is at the heart of everything designed and built within Unalike.

Today, we've released the latest version of Unalike with automated voice narration for paid creators. You can already add audio to content create podcasts, but this allows you to go one step further and create narrated versions of your content. A way to tell your story beyond the text. Giving your ideas, knowledge, and stories a voice.

With simple steps. 1. Create your content. 2. Add a narration field. 3. Publish... oh, and 4. Listen. You'll then see a narration of that article on your published version once it's generated.

You'll need to be on the paid plan to do this, but next week we'll be releasing a free version so you can upload your own audio narration.

If you have questions or suggestions, please get in touch with us.