Audience and pricing

When I set out to build Unalike, one of the early principles was to create a product that feels natural. There are too many content creation and management tools out there trying to be everything and forgetting the core principles.

I wanted to take a different approach. A core product that focuses on simplicity, extendability, customisation, and accessibility. Those are massive elements if you break them down, but when done right, it should just work and people should just get it.

Although I haven't got a 100% right all of the time, and it's still beta, I hope the majority of Unalike feels natural and intuitive for creators and consumers.

So with these principles in mind and feedback rolling in, we're starting to build new and exciting features and redesign existing ones. Foremost, things need to work, and then we can build out complexity.


With our no tracking in mind, we wanted to build analytics that was simple, yet gave you content creators a rough idea of what was going on. A feature that's configurable too, so you don't have to see if you don't want to either, keeping your creation area clean from distraction.

And when we say simple, we mean SIMPLE! Literally numbers on a screen.

As we build out Unalike, we'll obviously continue to innovate on this and give creators more of say on what they can see and analyse, as long as it doesn't cross the line from anonymous information to individual reader tracking.


A lot of our early creator feedback has been around pricing and subscriptions, so we've set out a roadmap for this and this is the first part of these enhancements, making pricing more granular and customisable.

We've improved the subscription pricing tiers with the ability to add a few more options, from the low to high, with prices that should cater for most subscriptions.

We'll be building this to be even more granular as times goes on, allowing you to price your content as you see fit.

Any feedback, bugs, or general questions about any of these new features or existing, please content the team at