Publishing for non-profit organisations

If you're a non-profit organisation, or if you're an agency that works with non-profit organisations directly, we offer a 30% discount on paid publications plans to help support the work they're doing.

Send us an email to from your business email address with the documentation supporting your eligibility, including charity registration documentation for your country of origin. After we've verified your eligibility, we will provide you with an NPO discount code which you can use on the publication billing screen.

Unfortunately, not every organisation will be eligible to receive access to our NPO discount, and we do reserve the right to grant or deny access to this offer for any reason and to amend the eligibility guidelines at any time. All accounts must agree to the Unalike terms of service, privacy policy, and our content guidelines. We also reserve the right to cancel, modify, pause or terminate this program and its terms and conditions at any time.