Power to the people

Without protest, we wouldn't have many of the freedoms we enjoy today. From the suffragette movement to gay rights, many of these freedoms stem from the power of the people to have their voices heard. To make their voices heard by those who won't listen.

What's happening in the world at the moment is heartbreaking to watch, but is also a long time coming. Showing those in power that the world we live in has to change, whether they see it or not. For too long those governing both government and corporations, have blindly accepted a world that breeds racial injustice by its very foundation. A world that's never been so connected, and seemingly so divided. These structures of inequality seemed so immovable, but with global protests and vocal action, it gives us hope that things can change, that there is a better future, and in the darkness there is hope.

Unalike is, in a small way, is our contribution to a free voice online. Although technology and media seem so arbitrary when you compare them to the very real struggles of communities and people, they also play a key role in making the world a better place. And with that, companies can't just get away with making token gestures of solidarity, but they also need to change. To be more empathetic to their impact on a global scale, to be more open, to be more independent. To decide who they work with, and what they work on.

When I started Unalike a year back, I wanted to build a platform that was different, a more democratic and open version of the platforms I already loved. Giving people an unbiased space to voice their opinions and earn a living. Free from the restrictions of advertising money and the limitations imposed by big technology companies. Free from the false positives of algorithms and cookie tracking, and instead, putting the people in control.

Giving everyone a voice, and power to communities.

We're a very young platform and company, and we're using this time to listen and learn, rather than making bold statements of our intent. I feel that's an important first step. Over the next month, I'm going to be working and connecting with people across the Unalike network and the wider network to plan how Unalike can meet the challenges we face as a globally connected people, and ultimately, build a better future.

This month we're also starting commissioned illustrations, along with these monthly views of the world. Art that encapsulates this and to paint a picture of what's going in the world. By illustrators and creators from around the globe, through their eyes. This month's awesome illustration was commissioned with Chloe Halbert, an illustrator and designer based in Bellingham, Washington.

If you're an illustrator, artist, creator, and you'd like to work with Unalike, please get in touch.